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Top Performance from the bottom up
Okuma manufactures its own machine tools, so we can provide the exact machine dimensions and information needed to create precise cutting programs. We know best how to integrate software with our machines to deliver finished parts quickly, accurately and on budget.

In control from start to finish
Okuma controls, drives, motors, encoders and machines are designed and built by us to perform together as a single, perfectly balanced unit. This tight cycle of development delivers the utmost in control, accuracy, flexibility, performance, stability and repeatability.

Knowledge is power
Okuma's one source approach to designing practical machining solutions includes giving you information to measure, and improve upon, success by keeping a close watch on everything that happens on your machines.

Ultimate Confidence
Okuma delivers professional service and maintenance, quality equipment and commitment to give you the confidence to take on any machining challenge. From selecting the right equipment to keeping it in peak condition, Okuma is the one supplier you can trust.

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